Thursday, February 17, 2011

If I don't get these things out, my head will explode

Good Morning all my lovely clay friends out there!  I mean, friends who play with clay, not friends who are made of clay - though I do have a few of those too, but they have trouble reading - we're working on it, but phonics doesn't work well when you have no ears.  Ah, well.  In the mean time, let me introduce you to some of them.

First, there's Little Red.  She's another box I made to give you all an idea of a different direction you can take your boxes in:

I apologize for the lousy pics but I'm horrible at taking photos of my work.  I think maybe it's my camera - yeahhhh, that's the ticket!  It's the lousy camera.

So get those gears turning.  Start dreaming of characters, images, themes...whatever you think you might like to use to decorate your box come April.  Remember, we'll be learning how to do wire armature, so it makes it a bit easier to do a character with limbs and such.

My next friend to share is No Name.  She's an Art Doll that I am working on and haven't finished yet - thus the No Name, as I haven't been inspired to bestow a title on her yet.  It's the first time I've ventured into what I would consider true Art Doll territory, in that...well...she's big.  I've always seemed to work small-scale, but she's much bigger than anything I've done before.  She's still naked as I'm undecided on how to best cover her yet, but she's coming along and I thought I would share her "birth" with you all.
Please excuse the wire I've used to hang her from the was the best I could come up with to get some pictures of her (remember, I'm terrible at photography, so...).  Her eyes are some glass beads I had laying around and her hair, so far, is what I think is bear fur that I found in a fly-tying kit that used to belong to my grandfather.

I love her long limbs and "dangly-ness".  So far she has a butterfly "tatoo" on her back but that may get covered with clothes later.  I'm thinking I'll trim her mohawk quite a bit so it doesn't stick out so far...but I'm not sure yet.
She has another "tattoo" that reads "POISON" on her head.  The inspiration for this is the idea of someone who is being told that their ideas are not normal or acceptable - therefore her head is full of poison.  Perhaps she's a bit depressed?  Hey, it's Februrary - aren't we all? :P

Anywhoo, theres some little tidbits from me.  I know this is probably going to say it was posted by Vickie, but it's really Sandy.  Vickie gave me the user name and password for this blog so that I could add some posts here and there...I don't think she realized the Pandora's Box she opened up!  *Evil Grin*

Here's hoping your day is starting off in the most fun and creative ways.  So go.  Off with you.  Go get creating!

And have an awesome day!

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  1. Sandy, it's difficult to think that I spent considerable amounts of time with my back to you! I shudder to think what you could have dreamed up! Come to think, I shudder to remember some of the things you DID dream up........remember the dryer??????? You bring a wonderful facet to this event, the facet that lives in the dark shadows in the craters of the moon. I look forward to your class.