Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Lied - or, How to Begin the Process of Creating

No, Wendell didn't start the ball rolling, his talon did!!!
In exploring peyote stitch beading I made my first dragon's talon and that led to Wendell. Since everything I look at, touch, sniff, hear and smell somehow segues into modular art and connections, the Talon evoked the idea of grasping, grasping what? I have a passion for smokey quartz, so I'm thinking, hmmmmm, beads, gemstones, precious metal, hand sculpted fine art, original attachments - many of them! Many combinations! Many options! And so it began........ Modular - it has to be convertible - necklace to bracelet in different permutations and combinations. Here is one possibility:

Three smokey quartz bracelets, strung on wire, sterling silver Hill Tribe beads, sterling silver spacers, beaded loops, sterling hook clasp:

Hooked the other end they form a bracelet:

What else can they be?

Another strand of smokey quartz, crystal spacers, handmade sterling silver clasp - a beautiful choker, also, double wrapped around the wrist, another bracelet. What else?

Add one bracelet strand - a beautiful opera length necklace. Or.....

Add the second bracelet strand - a slightly different necklace. Or....

Add the third bracelet strand - again a different necklace. Or...

How about two bracelet strands? Or...

What about all three? Or...

Let's fit Wendell in there, and then.....

Let's balance it with his talon on the other side. A closer look at these two components:

The Talon holding the three bracelet strands


Now let's move things around a bit:

The Talon on the same side with Wendell

A close-up

No bracelet strands or talon

Wendell dangling choker style

The Talon hanging from Wendell's precious sterling hoop

a close-up

I ran into some difficulties in this wonderfully convoluted process and I'll share these with you next time, detailing what changes had to be made and how it ended up.

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