Monday, July 23, 2012

A Wedding Necklace - A Commissioned Piece

I don't usually take commissions. The last time I agreed to paint a painting commissioned by a collector who had only a few specific requirements - "the same color but large - 5 ft" I thought I would be safe. No problem. I could paint whatever I wanted in whatever technique I chose, as abstract as my emotions demanded, just constrained by color and size. I couldn't do it. I didn't go into my studio for 3 weeks. I pruned the he......... out of my trees and shrubs, dug up some trees, muttered, stomped, snipped and complained. It's not the way I work. So I learned my lesson - well, sort of. I don't paint commissioned pieces, but maybe, just maybe I could make a piece of jewelry on request.

This proved to be a delight. The dress is dark blue with a beige/cream belt. The lady a lovely woman from Madagascar. Ideas flooded my brain and have left me excited with potential for future experimentation.

Here is the piece.

Blue Lagoon

Attention to detail and finishing is the key to sophisticated work. Don't skimp on the sanding, buffing, edging and assembly. It shows how YOU feel about your work. If you are making fine art jewelry, then take it to that level.

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