Friday, December 13, 2013

Sorry - I Had to Paint!

Metro East
The energy in this amazing city really influences me. I'm just glad I don't have to drive here!
Living on The Edge
I'm still working out the titles - have to live with them a while yet. Below is a new start with the next stage beside it. Much more still to come.

    Process painting, that's what I do. Sometimes I'll document my process and put it on my painting blog ( 
simply because I love to watch the process of other artists.
I'll continue the process on the other blog.

Next week, back to polymer clay


  1. Why be sorry about painting ! These are great !

  2. Thanks Michele, painting is the core of my being. Polymer clay feeds into that creative well, giving me a 3-D means of further exploring artistic elements and principles. This blog is about polymer, so I feel I cheated by abandoning polymer for a while and then excusing it by posting the paintings here. I suffer from unrestrained guilt! Vickie

  3. Don't know why you're sorry...these are FABULOUS!