Friday, April 8, 2011

The important things in life

Well, one more day and I am of course I am lazing around pondering what is actually important in life.....why you ask?

My suitcase sits in front of me and I have come to a very hard I need clothes or more clay stuff?  Choices, choices, choices.  On one hand I don't think you gals would appreciate me naked but on the other hand, the more stuff I bring, the less you will notice me at all!  LOL!

You know my priorities are right though when you open the lid to my suitcase and 3/4 of the space is my pasta machine, lots and lots of goodies......the remaining 1/4 is for my clothes.  You all won't care if I am in the same jeans and tshirt everyday will you?

I am so excited, can't wait to see you all! And to those taking the beginner class today, I wish you all the best.  And please, if anyone happens to have some pretty heavy tranquilizers handy (horse ones would work!) please bring them.....Vickie is just a tad excited these days.  (Just joking for those of you who might not know me or understand my sense of humour!)

Posted by Lisa

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  1. Lisa,I have a cute little French maid costume I can lend you. You're right, nobody cares what you're wearing - they just care that you bring all your "stuff". Yes, I'm having a little trouble sleeping, Peter has to hold me down with bungee cords, and I'm giggling a lot. What makes you think that's being a tad excited? That's just coming out of a 6-month Nanoose Winter!!! Have a great flight - can't wait to see you.