Saturday, September 10, 2011

New City, New Attitude, New Work, New Husband? Nah!

Moving used to be a breeze. I thought spring cleaning was "moving"! Now having lived in one place (Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada) for the past 15 years, I have learned how to spring clean. Unfortunately, I've forgotten how to move. It's kind of like being in labour (birthing, not working!) If you knew ahead of time what the pain would be like towards the end, you would keep your knees firmly together, if you know what I mean (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

So now I'm in the eastern part of Canada, Montreal, to be precise, and it's time to start planning Claymagination 2012. We have some metalsmithing talent already lined up and I'll post the agenda for that class, with some pictures, as soon as I get them from the artist. April seems to be a good month. The Easter weekend seems to be on the 8th. Spring break for most of Canada is mid to late March, so maybe April 9th to 13th (Tuesday to Saturday) or 16th to 20th. Please post comments to let me know what dates would work for you all.

Meanwhile, here are pictures of the large-holed beads that are so popular right now. I'm working on setting up video tutorials for the following months. Let me know if there are particular things you would like to see.


 You can see the need to glue the eyelets in after baking in the above blue bead.

These were all made with leftover leaf canes.


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