Monday, October 29, 2012

Upper Crust Urchins - Mining This Vein

Upper Crust Urchins

I can tell I'm not finished with this creative vein - my sketchbooks are filling up with spikes. The challenge of engineering attachments for these puppies is fascinating me. I don't want to settle for drilling holes in the sides at the top to string wire through - feels like taking the easy way out - so what now? These are a little more glam than the previous urchins, so I don't want to wire them the previous way. I want them to appear more refined rather than funky, so I'm playing with "hats". Of course, that's taken me completely off course again!!! Either I'm very easily distracted (read "child-like" - which, for a mature individual like myself, is not necessarily a bad thing) or I'm really obsessive/compulsive (which is more of a problem for The Arctic Fox than for me) Stream of consciousness: hats - caps - berets - bowlers - crowns - clowns (what?!!!) - ruffles - lace - collars - ok, that gives me some fodder to start with. The wire has to be embedded in them and they have to be firmly affixed. I can engineer that. Maybe they won't all be the same. Maybe pairs of different "toppers". 

I also want to limit my choices so I don't struggle with too much material, so I'll keep colours to rich brown, warm gold and dark silver. To limit choices more and because I love to make life challenging, the designs will be only dots - but I do believe in feeding my one obsession (did I say ONE?) - bling - so bling will be included in the various potential permutations and combinations. I must admit, I'm a math geek, so I love seeing how many unique arrangements I can come up with under these constraints.

A few more close-ups.

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