Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Mocking Bird or Unintended Consequences

The Mocking Bird or Unintended Consequences

Whooping Cough! It didn't creep up on me - dazed I looked around for a license plate, thinking the driver of the tractor trailor that slammed me into the asphalt should at least be made to pay! Then I looked on the bright side: I'm sick, I can't be expected to do any mundane things, so I can guiltlessly devote myself to the studio and my right brain - in other words, it's sort of a vacation!!! 6 weeks of quarantine later, after repeatedly trying my best to cough up a lung (or maybe at least a bronchiole) I'm faced with the realization that there is no working, nor devising, nor talking, in Whooping Cough.

I'm back, well, at least, my intentions are back. I'm hoping the rest will follow. 

On the bright side, the Village Queen sold virtually immediately, along with a faux jade bracelet, so the boutique wants more of me. That having been said, I was sort of, kind of hoping that the Village Queen wouldn't sell. I really wanted to wear her. Ah well, such is our dilemma. When we make something we're really proud of, we then have to face the prospect of taking a paltry two hundred to part with it (happy face!!!)

Friday is the start of a two-day show (and sale) so virtually all I have been able to accomplish is to finish off the myriad of things I have been experimenting with over the past  year. The Mocking Bird, pictured above, was supposed to be a spinner ring, with Saturn prominently displayed in the middle and it's rings and satellites spinning in orbit. Somehow it ended up as above, a metaphor for great big ideas that I had, turning out to be mocking bird eggs, deposited in my fertile nested brain, nurtured by my innocent musings, only to hatch into an unintended consequence that ate up all of my initial intentions. Life's like that.

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