Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Creative Process - Visual Stream of Consciousness

So often the seeds of future creations lie in current work. One of the best ways of revealing that seed is to go as deep as you can into the current process. Often verbal cues can stimulate visual creativity, but so can visual cues. Stream of consciousness - the act of letting one word lead to another word, rapidly, uncensored, undirected, can reveal very interesting clues to connections between thoughts. The same can work with visual stream of consciousness. Starting from your current visual focus, let your mind wander and draw/sketch the first thing that comes to mind. Responding to that sketch, sketch the next visual and so on. Work quickly and try to not direct your thoughts but rather focus on responding.
Here is how it happens for me:
In working out more ideas from the Pegasus necklace:

After surface design ideas come shape ideas:

Then come ideas for connections:

And now I'm zeroing in on a shape and a connection:

Add surface design ideas and the mind is ablaze!
(please ignore the blue cast to the photo - image was taken outside in north light, early this am, so, lots of blue. I'll take  better photos as this journey continues)

Urban Urchin Collection

The new Urban Urchin Collection is created and I have so many ideas exploding in my brain I literally can't sleep!

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