Saturday, September 1, 2012

Urban Urchins - Graffiti

Some of you have noticed that the ivory beads included in the Urban Urchins beads did not show up in the Urban Urchins necklace. That was a choice. I felt the ivory was so strong that it dominated the other beads. It's like painting or writing - sometimes there are more paintings or stories in your idea than just one! So I narrowed down the selection in the Urban Urchins necklace, thereby simplifying a very busy design somewhat, and leaving me with more beads to add to the collection, and here it is:

Urban Urchins - Graffiti

This design brings us back to designing jewelry with Modular Art Jewelry connections in mind, so this piece is detachable, and can be worn at any length, just by changing the Modular chain. Not only that, the entire look of the piece can be affected just by the choice of metal in the chain or material, using buna, leather, cotton, even ribbon.

I also love how kinetic these pieces are, moving in all directions freely. The art on these beads is original, my linework, carving these beads as I carve stamps to use in my paintings, having no preconceived ideas about what will appear, just letting the process flow - gestural - one stroke leading to another.


  1. Love the tribal look you gave these white beads. Wonderful wearable art!

    1. Thank you, Stacie, you're a sweetheart to post a comment, especially such a nice one!