Friday, September 7, 2012

Creative Process: Birth of the Flamenco Collection - Mining a Vein

As mentioned before, the seeds of future work often lie in what you've just done. Having finished the Urban Urchin necklace, patterns and shapes keep my mind ablaze.

The beginning of the new Flamenco Collection, born from this little element in the Urban Urchin necklace.
This red ruffle is like the skirt of a beautiful flamenco dancer set against the black of her hair and her lace shawl - you can almost feel the movement. Problems have arisen that push forward, uninvited, demanding to be pushed further. The strength of polymer, properly supported - how thin and delicate can it go?

This prototype is the beginning of the new line. I'll be exploring this concept over the next while. You're welcome to eavesdrop on my thoughts and add some of your own.

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