Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Village Queen Necklace - Designing with Asymmetrical Balance

    The Village Queen Necklace in sunlight and in shade

I'm presenting my Fall Collection today so I'm a little frazzled. This necklace has been gestating in my head for quite a while now. It's been a real pain! I've come to realize that when my creative side resists something, it's because my ideas are not true to me. Yes, this is all about faking it: faux amber (mix of old and new techniques), ivory (my version), onyx (thanks to Carol Blackburn's wonderful book on PC Beads) stone (mine), red coral (definitely mine, but that's a whole other tale to tell!!!) and quartzite (also mine), but I finally realized I didn't want to make a "simulated" natural stone necklace. Remember, it's important for me to leave the mark of the artist. I want people to know that it can't possibly be just another assembled stone necklace. I want them to say, "Hey, wait a minute - there's something not quite....... hmmmmm......... let me move in closer and get a better look......."

I have much more to say, but I'll get back to this after the presentation. In the meantime, here are the close-ups:


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