Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Wind Whisperer

The Wind Whisperer

No more Mr. Nice Guy, or should I say, no more "pretty" stuff. I'm caught up in imagery and story-telling and that's going to be the focus for the foreseeable future. It's like with my paintings - I'm drawn to old (no, not I AM old, I'm DRAWN to old!!!), slightly grungy, stuff with history or herstory or, at the least, a story. The more illusory, the better - more like sagas and runes and eddas - stories with lots of word-of-mouth distortions that may or may not be true, yet spin emotional realities in the unfolding. "Unfolding", "enfolding"... yummy words that keep me awake at night spinning verbal visuals that I find enthralling. So... jumping in with both feet, hairy and grungy, but excited to take the next steps.

The first birth: The Wind Whisperer. She sits quietly on the rocky outcrop, gazing raptly through the fir boughs for glimpses of star-strewn sky, the black velvet of night like a warm caress. Can't let the moment enfold her - there are stirrings by the bridge! The wind teases wisps of hair across her forehead. "I hear her", she whispers, "She's awake!" The soughing rises and branches punctuate the symphony with their brittle talk.
"Hush," the Wind Whisperer cautions, "The time is not right, not yet!"

This piece will walk with you through the moss-coated trees and maybe, just maybe, you'll hear the breath of a soft whisper.

The important thing for me in these pieces is that most of it be of my imagination. Except for the odd glass or stone bead, when that bright bit of glimmer becomes essential, the remaining oddments and fragments and antiquities and relics are made by me from polymer clay, metal, and an assortment of mixed media. The shapes are important, as is their arrangement. I'm still figuring out what's gestating here. I'll say more when more unfolds.

A few close-ups:



  1. Oh I love it, I bet it makes a wonderful sound with movement.
    I'm a wind gal and sky and tree watcher, so your beautiful necklace and the story... very much the story... are perfect!
    Looking forward to the new stories you will be creating as you go.

    1. Hi Stacie, Thank you so much for your comments. That's exactly the feeling that my very insistent right brain seemed to be aiming for. When my model (aka, daughter #2, aka partner in art crimes) put it on she said she felt like she had to grasp it, as if it were moving in the breeze. The other good sign was that she immediately asked, "Can I wear it?" A pleading 5-year-old face on a thirty-seven year old woman is very hard to resist, especially when she takes you back to those wonderful memories that seem to be working their way into the lore my mind keeps spinning as added ephemera for these pieces.

  2. Hi Vicky,
    I really like this. These are the sort of "ethnic type" things I like to do. The more primitive looking, the better I like it. Artifact looking things are another style I like. Being a guy, I don't do any of the pretty,frilly,flowery,lacy type things. Although those type things sell better, I mostly go for more natural looking things and stay away from anything that might look plastic. Your things are beautiful and along the same line as the things I like.I never thought of using sound in jewelry. The windchime effect. I like bamboo or seashell windchime sound
    I like your story. Didn't get much from it the first time I read it, then I turned the TV off. It does speak to you in pictures.
    Look forward to more of your work.
    Take care,
    Have a great and safe holiday season
    and Happy New Year,

  3. Hi Jay, It's nice to hear from you again. I hope you have had a great year. I'm glad you like the story. These little snippets come from the little Norwegian girl inside me who used to curl up in front of the Jotul stove while her "elders" spun tales of enchantment and lore, with a smattering of viking tribal history thrown in for good measure. It's funny how, as times get chaotic, some of us hanker back for those moments.
    I think sound can be an interesting componenent of jewelry. It can be tremendously annoying, or peaceful and beautiful, like the bamboo and seashell chimes you mentioned. Wouldn't it be something if that could be captured in a piece!!! Now you have me thinking bamboo - I love bamboo! Hmmmm didn't see much bamboo in Norway, lol.
    I'd love to see your work. Do you have a website or estore or blog?
    I hope the holidays bring you time to enjoy good company and great thoughts and lots of moments to be cherished for future retrieval.
    Warm regards,

  4. The Wind Whisperer reminds me of you. Beautiful, edgy and willing to take a risk. Fantastic work, Vickie, both in polymer and in the writing.

    (Ms.) Ernie
    Gypsy Gold Studio

    1. Thank you, Ernie, you're such a sweetheart! I really appreciate your comment. Coming from an artist like you, it's really a compliment.

  5. This is wonderful Vickie. I only recently put creative writing and my knitting in the same mind space, and I have to say that the eagerness for the story to unfold [enfold me] keeps the knitting momentum high. It is one of the reasons that I am so attracted to the hand-dyed variegated colorways. I sit for two, maybe three days, looking at the skein [or cake] - and I never do swatches - as I want the artistry to be a total surprise. This is such an exciting adventure. I hope to see more from you in the future...... now on to the other posts you mention.