Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Reining in the Creative Muse

That's a tough one! One creative spark leads to another and, before you know it, you're on a mental toboggan going down Mont Blanc at 100 mph! It's exhilarating, but exhausting, and leaves you with too many options and no clear direction. The time comes when you have to put the brakes on your ideas and focus........
Sometimes the option is to delegate. Yes, you have the apptitude and ability to learn an entire new skill to make that little item that will enhance your piece, but the disruption to your current work and the investment in time and money may not be worthwhile at the moment. Time to delegate.

Lisa's work table
She made my links look ancient and
eroded and just uncovered in an
archaeological dig. She's also willing
to make me more, at a reasonable
price, from drawings I send her.
Check out her beautiful rustic bronze
bamboo bracelet:
Meet Lisa Pakosh. She creates in precious metal clay, and is willing to make the exact components that I need to push my urban artifact line further.

My new bronze connectors, made by Lisa Pakosh
So now I can concentrate on designing the components of my urban artifacts in wire and polymer clay, designing the layout of the jewelry, and have some beautiful bronze components to add to the mix without having to purchase a kiln and invest the time and money on the learning curve to become proficient in precious metal clay. Don't get me wrong. Some day I may do just that, but for now, I can focus on mining this vein to the best effect, thanks to a fabulous resource, who just happens to be my first-born (I'm hoping she'll give me a "senior discount", lol)

I'll let you know as soon as she has work available for purchase at her etsy site.

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