Friday, January 4, 2013

Faux Fossilized Bone and the first video demo

old faux fossilized bone bead made in 1996

new faux fossilized bead before curing, sanding and antiquing
In trying to describe and photograph the process for creating faux fossilized bone beads I ran into real difficulty. I only have two hands!!! Who would have thought! I needed three to do the work and photograph it - big lightbulb went on - this is the time to try my first video demo. So, please be patient with me. I know this isn't the best, but I learned a lot and promise the next one will be better.

In the Wind Whisperer necklace there are several items made with my faux fossilized bone. Often the workhorse beads, the ones you don't think of buying until you need them, are the ones you have to set aside time to do so you have a bunch on hand. These are costly to buy and easy to make, so here goes.

I make a log of scrap clay and cover this with a sheet of black clay set at the thickest setting on the pasta machine. My faux bone is simply layers of translucent alternating with ivory (white with small amounts of yellow and brown), rolled and cut, stacked and rolled again. Being careless with the edges gives me a more pleasing sheet. Being precise makes me feel more professional. I try to combine both, lol! You'll see more on the video. If you would like me to demo the bone stack, leave me a comment and I'll be happy to do a blog on that.
Cover the log with sheets of the faux bone; cut the log into the size beads you need. At this point I had to go to video. Here goes.
After the beads are cured, sanded and buffed, I antique them with a mixture of black and burnt umber oil paint.
I realize this video isn't in the best focus and my hands wander a couple of times. Next video will be more professional, I promise!

A few more images of faux fossilized bone beads in the Wind Whisperer necklace:



  1. Très intéressant Vickie.Bravo pour le premier essai. Je l'ai mis sur le site de la guilde aussi.

    1. Merci, Louise, C'est la frustration et le désespoir qui m'a motivé à essayer de faire une vidéo! Je veux faire une autre dans quelque semaines pour montrer le "faux fossilized bone bangle bracelet". J'espère que vous avez eu une bonne année et que la prochaine sera aussi bonne. Vickie

  2. Great start with your first video. Thanks!! And I'd also love to see a video of you making the faux bone since I'm pretty new at this craft!

    1. Hi Katina, and thanks for leaving a comment. I'll do a video on my take on faux bone this week, just for you. We were all pretty new at this at one point or other. With all the information out there on the internet, you'll be a pro in no time.

  3. thank you so much for this tutorial. this is my favorite look for beads.