Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ocean Waves Jewelry Collaboration

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You will have noted that I don’t have ads on my blog. That is by design. But sometimes I find an entity that shares my obsession for doing it right.

Ocean Waves is such a company. They are small by design with a passion for producing very high quality polarized sunglasses. I got to know them when I lived in Florida and they got to know of my work. For the past 23 years, they are the only sunglasses I have worn because, in my opinion, they are the best available- at any price.
What does all this have to do with jewelry, you ask? Well, a while back they contacted me and asked if I would consult on a jewelry project and while the end product is very different from my personal work I thought it would be interesting. It was!

I consulted on colours and frame designs and the result is now available as the Ocean Waves Diva Collection. Swarovski Crystals are used to create a high fashion look of elegance and matching earrings and necklace are available.

One of the benefits I received was the ability to offer you a special deal on ANY pair of Ocean Waves sunglasses you might buy (not just the Divas). So if you want to protect your eyes and look like a Diva, go to and check them out. I’ve included a link on the left.

  They make models for the whole family and if you use my promotional code- SFREE- you will get free basic shipping.

I rarely recommend products but Ocean Waves has the best warranty in the business and I like them because they spend their money on product development- not advertising (that they get by word of mouth!). If you decide to buy a pair I know you’ll be more than satisfied.

So here’s the studio tip: this project had nothing to do with polymer clay- that’s why I wanted to do it. Sometimes as artists we get stuck in a closet of our own making. Some of us even carpet our ruts (to quote Mary Stewart) to make them nice and comfortable. We need to be constantly stretching ourselves and getting new inspiration.

 Yesterday I was at the Montreal Museum of fine art looking at hundreds of millions of dollars in post impression art. I am absolutely sure that at some point, the inspiration from that visit, along with my Ocean Waves project, will show up in my work.

P.S. Their website is undergoing major reconstruction so please be patient with them.

Ocean Waves Sunglasses - DIVA Collection

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