Saturday, October 5, 2013

Gamla : The Saga Continues

Back home, house is listed for sale, you could definitely say my trip to the beach was eventful! We're moving - to the ocean. I guess you can only keep a Norwegian away from salt water, seaweed, wind, sand and smoked mackerel for so long before she starts to shrivel and become nasty!!! So, the excellent adventure continues. It probably explains the sea-related sagas that have taken up room and board in my head.

The Troll from the Tre Bukkene Bruse Book Bracelet 

thatch-roofed house

the complete bracelet with the oldest Billy Goat Gruff

The bridge under which the troll lives

the book

More characters have appeared and I'll introduce them as they develop.

Gamla (The Olden One): More feared than the Krakken, more terrifying than Surt, the Fire Giant, Gamla sits in her rocking chair, wizened and shrunken. A mountain of pillows add nothing to her diminutive size and the heavy blankets do little to keep the cold from chilling her bones. No one is sure of just how deep her knowledge of the olden ways goes, or of how far reaching her inner sight. None call her kin, yet none dare to send her away.

Gamla stretched out a gnarled hand, gripping my arm with surprising strength. Her skin like thin parchment stretched over a bony frame with veins dancing beneath the surface like swollen worms pulsing with life. Her years stretched thin: her body a frail 4 stone, her will - iron! Fierce determination gleamed in her eye. She had lost none of her passion. "You must tell the story, Anne-Brit!" she rasped. "It cannot end with me, for then there will be no escaping the fjaerning! " Gamla coughed and wiped some spittle from her lip, "Someone must keep watching" she hissed. "Call The Gatherer." Closing her eyes she seemed to shrink into the blankets, dismissing Anne-Brit with a deep sigh.

Liv tugged urgently at her mother's skirt. Anne-Brit was white as the lace on her blouse. "Mama, what was she talking about?" she asked, fearful as much for the look on her mother's face as for the words she had just heard. "I don't know, child...... I don't know." Her mother's voice was low. "Is she a troll?" Liv's words drew a quick glance from her mother. "Don't be rude, child." she admonished. Liv couldn't stop, "But she looks just like a troll with that one big eye glaring at me like that," she muttered.

to be continued.......


  1. Hi Vickie,
    Welcome back. I can't believe the detail on that bracelet. It tells a story on its own. Everyone who looks at would get a story of their own, whether even if they had read your story or not. What beautiful work. There's something about the way you tell the story that makes me drift, like I'm there too. I can almost smell the ocean and feel the mist. Looking forward to the next episode. Were you building this story as you made the bracelet or vice versa? Which ever it is/was, I like it. I can just imagine all the material you will get from living by the ocean, storywise and polymer clay wise.
    Nice to hear from you again,

  2. Hi Jay, thank you. It's good to be back. I feel the creative well is so full that it will be good to pour some of it out! I appreciate your comments - the beach has been very good for me. I even received my heart's desire the day we left for home: fog and mist. It was so beautiful! It will be interesting to see where this takes me creatively. Now the challenge is to live in "between", no longer fully here yet not quite there.
    The trolls are as much a part of me as the sea is. One always sat on my desk during exams to keep me from succombing to anxiety. The bracelet was made first, one of three, the other two made for my two daughters with appropriate billy goats and personal symbolism entwined. It illustrates the story reference which also embodies a warm family legend, a trip to Disney World, a visit to the Norwegian pavilion, a ride on the flume, a deep voice intoning, "You have kom dis vay before and you vill go dis vay again," as a troll rises up from the watery depths and The Arctic Fox quips, "Look, Vickie, it's your mother!" She is now Gamla, suffering the last part of the last stage of alzhemer's, unable to interact on any level with her family, but very much involved as a character in this saga. Neat, eh? Take care, Vickie.

  3. Both bracelet and story are wonderful. I have never seen the ocean - something I want to experience, but I am more of the enchanted forests myself. It was there that my Grandparents taught be about plant and wildlife. I know my Grandmother is going to reside somewhere in the 'Enchanted Forest Llyr project - she just hasn't yet made herself known to me. Hoping one day to visit NS as a very dear friend has family in River John. Would very much love to meet you and visit your shop! Keep the storytelling going Vickie...... most enjoyable!