Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creating Dragons - Meet Haakon

Meet Haakon, the latest little hatchling from the dragon's lair. He's saucy, fun-loving, and fearless, sort of like me. He's a response to Wendell, the half-dragon. I made Wendell with only one side, wanting something that would lie flat, close to the body. Every time I look at Wendell I sigh. He really should be a whole dragon. So, Haakon came to be. He's from the same family as Wendell - the Flitz Family (so named because they have wings and are uncontrollably flighty.........) Haakon's wings are quite small, and I clipped them in a vain attempt to limit his sojourns, but to no avail. I caught him in Vigdis' garden, stuffing cloud berries into his little maw, and there was no way he could get there except to fly (Vigdis lives in Jotenheimen and it's a long way from here, unless you die an honorable death, whereupon you are immediately transported into the presence of Odin himself!) Vigdis gave me permission to take a section of her garden fence and I chained it to Haakon as a reminder and to slow him down a bit.



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