Friday, June 22, 2012

Going on a Dig - Want to Come Along?

I love excavations, especially really old excavations. I think it goes back to grade school when the King Tut exhibition came to the Montreal Museum and our school arranged a field trip to see it. It wasn't so much that I wanted to wear the gorgeous necklaces and armbands excavated from that Egyptian "dig", but I wanted the thrill of being the first one to brush carefully at the surface dirt and see the glimmer of treasure just beneath my hands. To hold my breath, steady my hand and exercise excruciating patience so that I could carefully uncover the artifacts and lift them, undamaged, to light. To study every detail of these ancient artistic works would have brought me great delight. I think those memories spur a great portion of my passion for creating neo-artifacts. Ok, I can't brush away the detritous of centuries of time, but I can do my best to make it look like I have!
Meet la LlĂ grima Celeste. She was unearthed from an imaginary dig in Chichen Itza. From the wealth of the jewels and metals included nearby I have to conclude that she was an influential figure in her time, and from the art materials in the vicinity, I also imagine that she was an artist.
Her backdrop suggests the lush surroundings of her habitat, the linear architecture of the advanced culture at that time and the adornment of an opulent, peaceful era. With thought of Modular Art Jewelry, her attachments allow me to easily suspend her from one of several neckchains.

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