Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Making Modular Art Jewelry - Another One

This one is so simple, yet looks so elegant. There are many different ways to make this piece - faux scrimshaw, tearaway technique, etc. and the designs can be planned ahead and transferred onto the clay so you know exactly what you're doing, but I love the "process" and this lets the process unfold gradually. It's basically like doodling, but with a v-gauge instead of pen and pencil. Just make a sheet of ivory (white + translucent +smidge brown +smidge yellow). Stack two thick pieces together. Cut a shape out. Bake flat. When cool, start carving out lines and patterns. Then antique with your favorite (acrylic/oil/shoe polish in burnt umber/black/raw umber/burnt sienna). When dry, sand to reveal clean ivory and the stained pattern. You now have a pendant that is your own unique work of art  Design the connections with Modular Art Jewelry in mind and you can switch it with the pendant shown in yesterday's blog.

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