Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Modular Art Jewelry - Mixing it Up

One of the best ways to shake up your approach to design, and to make sure you're not "carpeting your rut", is to mix up your materials. Working with a totally different medium forces you to rethink other aspects of your usual designs. So, what about wire? Not as a connecting medium, but as a design, a focal element.


Now let's try out the Modular Art Connections:

Looking at this I see a wee bird inside (yes, the doors open up) sitting on a perch, one (or maybe 3) tiny eggs hanging from the bottom loop and a nest sitting on top. Or maybe the nest should hang from the bottom loop with the eggs inside. What do you think?


  1. This is so freaking awesome!!! You better keep your eye on this because it will be making it's way into my pocket one of these days...

    1. I really appreciate your praise, Sandy. I didn't think you had any pockets?.......

  2. Ahh...but I DO have a marsupial pouch! :D